For kids to enjoy a lifetime of quality oral health, it's vital that parents start scheduling regular dental care visits by their child's second birthday. As pediatric dentists in Longmont, Drs. Butler and Skinner have the experience, knowledge and friendly demeanor needed to provide the outstanding dental care kids of all ages require. If you need a Longmont family dentist, our team at Twin Peaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry have you covered.

Cavity Free Club

Enjoying great oral health as never been more fun with our Cavity Free Club at Twin Peaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Every child who's cavity free at his or her six month checkup and cleaning automatically becomes a member. Cavity Free Club members will have their picture taken to be displayed in our kids room (depending on parent approval, or course).

Win Prizes!

Every quarter, members of our Cavity Free Club will be entered into a drawing where they will have a chance to win great prizes, such as movies passes, a scooter and other rewards that will make your child happy they stayed cavity free.

We hope that by offering our pediatric patients some positive reinforcement, parents will have just a little easier time making oral hygiene one of their child's top priorities. Thanks for all you do parents!

Schedule an appointment to join our Kids Club today!

Child Dental Services

Knowing when a child needs to receive certain types of dental care can be difficult for many parents to keep straight.

When should a child receive his or her first dental cleaning? How old does a child need to be to receive an orthodontic evaluation? When should a child lose all of his or her baby teeth?

Knowing the answer to these questions can make a significant difference to a child's long-term oral health. To help keep parents informed, our Longmont general dentists at Twin Peaks Dental can provide a Children's Dental Service guide to parents that will outline what types of dental services may be needed based on a child's age.

Twin Peaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is also one of only a handful of fully trained and certified Healthy Start dental practices in Colorado. Healthy Start is a revolutionary system that offers parents a proactive treatment option that can prevent having to do braces or Invisalign later in life. To find out more about Health Start, click here.