Emergency Dental Care

As a Longmont emergency dentist, our team at Twin Peaks Family & Cosmetic Dentistry understands that some oral health problems simply can’t wait for an appointment to open on the calendar. If you’ve suffered a broken, chipped, cracked, or knocked out tooth, it’s important that you can receive the quality dental care you require quickly to restore your smile back to health.

If you need a Longmont emergency dentist, call Twin Peaks Dental today to schedule an appointment. Our team provides a comprehensive range of emergency dental care services that include:

Loose or Broken Filling

If you feel like something just isn’t right when eating, or you experience pain or discomfort when biting down, you may have a filling that’s become broken or may have even fallen out. While dental fillings are often durable and long-lasting, daily wear and use can cause them to occasionally fail unexpectedly.

Once you suspect that’s something is wrong, you need to contact our team at Twin Peaks Dental to schedule an appointment. Depending on how damaged your filling, our emergency dentists may be able to repair the tooth by:

  • Smoothing the damaged area of the filling.
  • Placing a temporary filling until the tooth is restored with the placement of a permanent filling.
  • Removing the broken filling and helping to heal the tooth by removing any debris from the cavity.
  • Placing a new filling to replace the broken or missing filling.
  • Discussing the need for a more permanent restoration, such as a crown, implant, or dental bridge.

As part of your emergency dental exam, our team at Twin Peaks Dental will take a series of x-rays to determine the degree of damage done to the tooth. The x-rays will also allow our Longmont emergency dentist to examine the tooth’s root to determine whether an infection has developed and potentially spread throughout the inner portions of the tooth.

You should never delay receiving emergency dental care if you suffered a broken or missing filling. The delicate interior of your tooth – called the dentin – can become easily infected by harmful oral bacteria. If this area of the tooth becomes infected, it could result in permanent tooth loss.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Tooth enamel ranks as some of the strongest and most durable parts of the human body. However, a lifetime of wear and stress can take its toll. Biting down on something hard or suffering facial trauma during a pickup game of basketball can be all that it takes to cause a tooth to become chipped or broken. If you experience a broken or chipped tooth, remember to relax and not panic. Our team of Longmont emergency dentists can help restore your tooth back to health.

If you chip, crack, or break a tooth, you need to visit our office immediately. Waiting to receive care could allow an infection to make the problem far worse. Even potentially leading to permanent tooth loss. The treatment for a broken or chipped tooth depend on how extensive the damage. A severely damaged tooth may require extensive treatment to correct, while a minor chip or crack may be easily repairable with a filling or bonding.

Knocked Out Tooth

A knocked out tooth – also called an avulsed tooth – is one of the most serious dental emergencies for maintaining the health of permanent teeth. While experiencing a knocked out tooth can be traumatic, the damage can be fixed. If you act quickly, there’s a very good chance that the tooth can be saved.

When a tooth becomes knocked out, the blood vessels, nerves, and supporting tissues are damaged, as well. The blood vessels and nerves damaged during the trauma cannot be repaired. However, the bone can reattach to the root of the tooth once it’s placed back into the original position. To keep the tooth from dying, a root canal is required.

You need to see a Longmont emergency dentist immediately after losing your tooth, as the longer you wait the less it becomes likely that the tooth can be saved.

The following suggestions can help to improve your chances of saving the tooth:

  • Carefully handle the tooth while trying not to touch the roots.
  • If the tooth is dirty, hold the tooth by its top and rinse it with milk. If you don’t have any milk, rinse it with clean water. Don’t wipe the tooth off with a shirt or piece of fabric. This could permanent damage the remaining tooth structure.
  • Keep the tooth moist. Drop it in a container of milk if available. Otherwise, place the tooth in your mouth between your gums and cheek.
  • Try placing the tooth back into its socket. Don’t try to force the tooth into position. If the tooth doesn’t slip back into position easily, keep it stored in milk until you reach our office.